Services for Physicians

We provide data-based decision support, performance-based compensation analysis, quality metric-based compensation analysis and practice clinical and financial analyses

Productivity Compensation Analysis

Healthcare Data Insights provides complete productivity-based compensation analyses. We gather, track, analyze, and monitor physician wRVUs to determine compensation payment. Further, we monitor outcomes and compare them to contractual obligations to keep you abreast of physician performance and contractual actions that can/will be taken should thresholds be met, not achieved or surpassed.

Quality Compensation Analysis

Healthcare Data Insights provides quality metric-based compensation analysis. We gather, track, analyze and monitor contractually mandated quality metrics to determine compensation payment. We compare these metrics to contractual obligations to report physician performance, to help keep you aware of where you are excelling, meeting the mark, or needing improvement.

Physician Practice Analysis

Healthcare Data Insights offers complete clinical and financial analyses of your practice. You will know your key procedure performance and financial indicator performance quarter over quarter and year over year. When paired with healthcare management consulting from our sister company, Healthgroup West, you have decades of healthcare management consulting experience, coupled with the data to fuel change. This partnership can provide you with expert guidance in today's ever-changing healthcare market.

Clinically Integrated Network

Is your practice considering participating in a Clinically Integrated Network? If so, we can help with quality monitoring, contracting analysis, performance improvement benchmarking. Our sister company, Healthgroup West, is experienced in the formation of Clinically Integrated Networks. Working in tandem, we provide an excellent solution to help you determine if participation or formation is right for your practice. We also provide skilled guidance and analysis if your practice participates in a Clinically Integrated Network.

Physician Practice Mobile App Development

Is your practice considering the move into the mobile space? If not, you should be.

Healthcare Data Insights provides an affordable solution that serves your patients with minimal burden on your staff and IT resources.